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Our Services - Turning your Business into Digital Excellence.

Simple{Code} Experts recognize that IT solutions are as unique as the companies that use them. We combine both broad technology expertise and deep industry-specific insights on how technology impacts people and their business processes.

Custom Software

Meet the quality standards and timelines for your software projects by letting us handle the complete development lifecycle, from analysis to delivery and maintenance.

Software Testing

We provide end-to-end quality assurance services with a 360 degree approach. We follow systematic monitoring and evaluation, structured quality assessment plans through applied test cases and tools.


Embrace the DevOps practice in your software development process to reduce time to market, increase productivity and deliver great quality, reliable software.

Product Development

Startups or established software product companies in need of a tech partner can have us run their MVPs or entire product engineering processes.

Software Outsourcing Services

As a software outsourcing company, we usually collaborate in the dedicated software teams engagement model. But we can always adapt to our client's needs and accommodate their requirements.

Low-Code Development Services

We provide end-to-end Low-Code Development Services, starting from sales to complete Portal Development and Upgrading lower version Portals to higher versions.


Low-Code Platforms

The Low-Code Development Platforms

Your digital work platform using Low-Code Platforms. With this digital workplace you improve collaboration, communication and business processes. Their added value is much higher than with a classic intranet: They not only have all the advantages of social collaboration, but are one step further and thus network a wide variety of systems and applications or automate regular processes.

App development

Low-code means freedom: The graphical user interface of Low-Code Platforms enables you to create business apps quickly and intuitively via drag & drop. Equally, you can adjust the ready-made elements at any time, allowing you to stay in control of the code.

Process automation

Model your workflows on the digital interface of Low-Code Platforms and keep track of everything at all times. Say goodbye to inconvenient work processes - accelerate your processes and make them less prone to error by automating them.

Data integration

Create a clean platform architecture for processes and applications with Low-Code Platforms. Integrate external services such as SAP into Low-Code Platform and create a central hub for all your company data, documents and process.

Save time

Turn complicated into simple and save on time and labor costs – be it in app development or your company processes. Workflows become more efficient meaning everyone in the company has more time for what is important and avoids redundant tasks.



.Net Development

Skilled .NET developers from Simple Code Technologies offer custom .NET development services for the entire project’s life cycle. Hence, we can help you with architecture and design, software development, re-engineering and refactoring, technology migration, software maintenance, and support. You can build with us .NET desktop, web or mobile solutions.

Java Development

Custom Java development is a constant part of our services portfolio. Regardless of how complex your projects are, your industry or domain, our Java experts will deliver quality solutions efficiently. Above all, we rely on an approach fitted to your needs, a well-tuned process and top technical and linguistic skills.

Web Development

From custom websites to business portals, content management systems, eCommerce and eMarketing applications, our web development teams have the experience and skills to develop, deploy or integrate any solution. In a fixed price or dedicated teams model, our web development services cover the full project lifecycle.

Low-Code Development

We provide all-round Web Portal Development, modern, responsive user interface to offer ultimate user experience in any browser and on all mobile screens, and an end-to-end solution from defining Initiation to Delivery of the Portal.

Android App Development

We provide full-stack Android app development services, we can handle any part of your project, or cover all its stages, from conceptualization and business analysis to UI & UX design, custom Android development, testing, deployment and maintenance, and support.

iOS App Development

At Simple Code Technologies, you will find full lifecycle iOS application development services that include everything from strategy, conceptualization and business analysis to UI & UX design and custom iOS development. Our offerings also includes mobile application testing, iOS App Store deployment services and after-launch maintenance and support.


About Us

Simple{Code} Tech - A premiere IT Company

Simple{Code} is a premiere IT Company providing comprehensive IT Services to businesses of all sizes throughout the globe. For years, we have helped local businesses adopt the latest trends and enhance their businesses through Internet, telephone and security technologies with the most cost-effective, flexible and simple IT solutions. Hundreds of companies working within a variety of industries have embraced the advantages of our expert IT services, giving them the confidence in their technology necessary to operate their businesses in a cost-effective, fast and modern capacity.

Initiation, Analysis & Planning

What are we building? Who is this for? What will it do? These are some of the questions we are going to ask you. In order to build a great functional product, your ideas should be clear and concise. Don’t worry we are here to help you along the way. It is our job to help solve your digital dilemmas. This is where user stories come in. User stories help us to organize the pieces of your big idea. You should effectively provide the ins and outs of your idea and Hangout with us by meetings and phone calls.

Requirements & Design

This is where the visual layout of the project begins to take shape. Using information gathered from you in the planning phase, we begin designing the layout with sitemaps then move to wireframes and sketches. After the basic layout has been established we will start adding the bells and whistles like photography and color. A cycle of reviewing, tweaking and approving the mock-ups often takes place until both parties are satisfied with the design.

Implementation & Testing

This is when your project really comes to life. We will build an application that suits your needs. Depending on your requests, software needs, and server restrictions this process is usually the most unique per client. Once the application is developed, the testing stage assesses the application for errors and documents bugs if there are any.

Delivery & Support

In the final stage, once the application passes through all the stages without any issues, application will be deployed to the production system. After that it will undergo a maintenance process wherein it will be maintained and upgraded from time to time to adapt to changes.


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If not sure what type of IT solutions you need, or which ones will work best for your company? We know how confusing it is to coordinate the various technologies at your business. That’s why at Simple{Code}, we help you identify the IT services that your business will need so that you can establish a technological foundation for your company that lasts. We strive to understand the goals of your business and prepare IT Solutions accordingly. With Simple{Code}, you are never alone when it comes to the technology that keeps your business running. Click here to contact us.

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